Dear Austin Scoops Ice Cream community,

Thank you, southwest Austin, for 15 wonderful years of support for our business, our products, and our Austin Scoops brand. We are making business changes that will impact our storefront on Escarpment Blvd. later this year. We wanted to take a moment to thank you, our community, and fill you in on what is changing and why.

We will continue to make our products available in several ways in this area as our lease comes to an end. Our focus will shift some to wholesale and catering and large-scale event opportunities. You can also look for us (or request us) in your favorite restaurants very soon.

What is happening?
Austin Scoops is closing our retail Escarpment Village storefront location after 15 years.

June 27, 2021 will be the last day of operation at Escarpment Blvd. location.

Why is this location (Escarpment Blvd.) closing?
First, this is not a Covid-19 closure in any way. It is purely coincidental that this is happening at the same time a worldwide pandemic is hurting small businesses including, our own.
Austin Scoops’ lease is ending at this location end of June 2021. We made the decision some time ago that we would not renew this retail lease beyond 15 years. As we continue to evolve our company and our brand, we are branching out in new and exciting ways. In short, while we are leaving this physical location, Austin Scoops (the brand) is not going anywhere.
Will I still be able to purchase Austin Scoops products in the area?

Absolutely yes! We will continue to provide our great products and services in the area as we transition our Brand. We will have strategic partners in and around Circle C as well as other parts of Austin, who will offer our current products and a few new ones. We will begin announcing these partners in the coming weeks. 

What is Austin Scoops’ future?
We are excited that our new environmentally friendly ice cream factory in southwest Austin area is now fully approved for production. We will soon begin producing 100% of our great products in this new facility to deliver to customers in Austin, as well as new (wholesale) customers all over Texas. This new facility has been a project close to our hearts for a long time. This facility is extremely environmentally friendly and will deliver amazing Austin Scoops products for many years to come. Stay tuned.

Thank you
Sincerely, Thank you! From our family to yours, for supporting Austin Scoops through these years and this transition. We hope you will choose to continue to enjoy our many products in the future. If you have questions or would like to send comments and recommendations, please feel free to e-mail Tim ( ). 

Warmest Regards & Thanks,
Tim and Susan Joyner