We have discontinued our ice cream cakes for the time being

Homemade Ice Cream cookie sandwiches:

Our Vanilla bean ice cream in between two hand made chocolate chip cookies

Speciality Flavors:

​​Super Premium Ice Cream with inclusions (flavors on rotation)

-​ Banana Pudding

- Butter Pecan w/ Pecans

- Cinnamon Bun (winter)

- Chocolate Amaretto

- Coconut w/ flakes

- Coffee w/ oreos (always)

- Cookies & Cream (always)

- Mint Chocolate Chip (always)

- Rocky Road

​- Superman (for Via 313 only)

Seasonal Favorites:

Super Premium Ice Cream Flavors

- Orange Blast

- Pumpkin Spice

- Egg Nog

- Peppermint Chip

- Salted Caramel

We make all our own ice cream fresh and onsite in our Southwest Austin storefront.


Call ahead of time to ensure we have your favorite flavor (512)-535-4489


Non-dairy, fat free (flavors on rotation - we keep two or more on hand)

- Lemon Lime

- Mango

- Passion Fruit

- Raspberry Lemonade

- Strawberry Banana ​

Almost always on hand:

Super Premium Ice Cream Flavors

- Madagascar Vanilla Bean

- Dark Chocolate

- Roasted Marshmallow

- Milk Chocolate

- Birthday Cake

- Coffee (decaf)

- Strawberry

- Sweet Cream

- Cotton Candy

- Butterbeer

- Peanut Butter